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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Nearly the end of 2008

Well it's just about over! 2008 that is... I am looking forward to 2009 and getting the creative juices flowing again and I am trying to rid myself of all the "clutter" that is in my life/house. My BFF started to do a room at a time, this is great idea.

I started with my boys room and completely re-arranged it all I removed some things but added some more things. They are very happy about some of the additions like the TV and the PlayStation! LOL.. Hubby not so happy but hey.

Then just before Xmas I decided that I would try the toy room. This is a very big room that had lots of things in it including a pool table, 2 tv's, 2 playstations, pinball machine, a couple of those really big toy boxes, well you get the picture! It still has a lot of things in it but now it's not so cluttered! Which was the idea all along.

Next, well today actually I feel like getting outside it's currently 20 degrees Celsius then sun is shinning and I have some palms that need some tending to because the fronds have died off. So I will get the kids to help me with those this morning then I am off to the Chemist and the post office and the newsagency to get the kids books for 2009 because they are already 1/2 way through their holidays and go back at the end of January. Wow again that goes so fast...

Till next time.. Try to de-clutter 1 room at a time then it doesn't seem quite such a big task.


Jess said...

1/2 way through the holidays... oh, don't remind me! That means I'm going to have to go back to work... sigh...

saffron said...

I need to de-clutter and simplify also!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm with ya on the wine!!! Good luck with your projects.

lyptis said...

Hey that is a great idea! i declutter also and do loooaaads of lists! getting organised is the best start for the new year!:)

Jenni said...

Ok.. So I just thought I would pop back in and comment about how I went this morning with the pruning of my palm trees..

Well I went to the garage to get the long sheers and couldn't find them, then I remembered that my lovely sister has them! So now I have to wait for hubby to pass by her house on his way home from work to get them for me. LOL