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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Boonah's Turn for the Sunday drive

Sunday again, Well the outing was meant to be yesterday at the Rodeo at Canungra but it has been postponed until the 11th July. So we decided that we would go to Boonah.. I was hoping to get into some Antique shops but it would appear that Boonah hasn't caught up on the whole Sunday trade thing quite yet! Well we walked up the main street and went to the loo in the pub *Commercial hotel really nice artwork in there also. Took pictures of us all with some statues and at the grassed area in the council grounds where we bought a hot chicken and some bread rolls from the spar shop and sat on the council steps and laughed Mem (my sister) was pulling apart the hot chicken and making some funny noises and Master 7 says "Mem, you sound like a demented goat!" Now I am not sure that I can honestly say I know what a demented goat sounds like but we just about fell off the stairs with laughter! I love it when we go out with the concept of just being together and spending time together without having to spend a fortune. It took us just over 1 hour to get there so that was ok and we stopped on the way out of Boonah to let the boys have a play on the playground.

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