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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Investiture into Scouts

I was so excited on Wednesday night because my son Joshua was being invested into cubs from Joeys and it was a pretty big night for him. He has been in joeys for almost 2 years and I have been assisting with the books and a leader for about 18 months or so. Well I decided to ring to see if my number/application had been processed to see if we could both be invested on the same night and thankfully it had gone through.. It was an awesome night lead by Rikki (Ally) she is an awesome Cub leader and I thank her for all that she is teaching me. We had a pretty awesome bonfire made by Wabeeno and all the sticks were collected by myself and Joshua for this wonderful night. We had a special guest also who came along to teach the Cubs all about Scouting and the history of scouting and that was Rhama (Rikki's father).

As you can see from the picture I am pretty happy and so was Joshua for getting through the ceremony and knowing the cub scout law. Cub scouts are loyal and obedient Cub scouts do not give into themselves. I love that! This is something that I really wish my parents had gotten me into when we were little. If you are intersted in scouting you can either contact me or you can go to the scouts Australia website or the scouting site in your country.

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carmel said...

Congratulations Jenni!! I hope being part of the scouting movement brings you as much pleasure as it has me.