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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Featured sellers for this week are Petit Palais & littlepinkplum

Petit Palais is my little treasury of handmade delights on Etsy. My name is Anna and I'm a mad keen crafter who lives in far north west Queensland in Australia. In my Etsy Shop, you'll find some super styling handbags and totes, cute cosmetic bags, fabric drink coasters and a selection of jazzy off the page items (think Clocks, picture frames and pen caddies). I love fresh, fun colours and my products are all gorgeous to look at and very practical! I've been sewing for about 16 years and scrapbooking for about 7. Add to that my love of jewellery making, card making and mosaic art, I'm sure you can imagine what our spare room looks like (although I maintain it's "my room"!) Anyway, my shop is a great spot to drop by and pick out some Christmas presents which are totally unique and special. I look forward to seeing you when you drop by my shop!!

If you click on the picture it will take you directly to the place where you can purchase this from.
Littlepinkplum :: My name is Janet and I live in sunny San Diego, California. I'm a work at home mom of 3 kids and I love to make pretty things with pretty paper. I have had a love of paper since I learned origami (the art of paper folding) when I was a child. My favorite type of paper to work with is Japanese chiyogami. I love the texture - it almost feels like cloth and is quite durable. I hand press pocket mirrors and magnets and also make pendants out of wood tile and game tile pieces. My shop name is Little Pink Plum - please stop by and I welcome any comments, questions or suggestions!
If you click on the picture it will take you directly to where you can purchase.

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