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Monday, 1 December 2008

Follow up for Edward

Ok.. So I get all excited.. Get it all arranged with my BFF.. It was me who had checked the website for the times that it would be showing.. When normally it's Michelle who checks all this information and I go along like gospel that what she says is the truth.. LOL.. More fool her this time apparently! We get to the line and there aren't many people in the line and in the "coming soon" window there is my beloved Edward... Oh no.. Panic starts to creep up on me.. The cashier yells "next please" and we hesitantly go to her and ask for two tickets to Twilight please in our most convincing voices that even if it wasn't showing that she would give us the tickets well you know because it was Edward and all that and he was two 30+ something women all googly eyed for Edward Cullen. I am sorry she says that movie is not released until the 11th December! What!!!! I said "oh no, on the Internet it says the times for today" She says "oh yes, that gets everyone, it's the booking page for pre-release tickets!" WTF.... Ok, so now my BFF says "right and I just trusted that you had read it all right" LOL.. She now says that from now on she will just double check or make all the arrangements for us to hang out. LOL

Sorry Michelle... You are the best though!

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