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Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I decided that today I would spend most of the day instead of creating jewellery to go networking. I went onto the Etsy forums and found a wonderful post by Battlemaiden so I decided to get right into it and start adding some of the wonderful Estians that I have found. There are a lot of great people out there and you know that they have friends and that they have friends also so this is how the wonderful world of networking is managing to make it's mark in 2008 is via the internet. You know how wonderful it is to just sit at your computer and not have to leave it to do birthday present, Christmas present and I love you kind of shopping. Well if you don't have many friends or friends that have already purchased wonderful designs or creations from you then why not get your name out there on as many avenues as you possibly can! I say go for it. It doesn't need a lot of time. Just a little bit of patience and set up time and then it should pretty much look after itself. A word of advice though. Don't go putting too much background things, music or flashy images etc on your page because someone like myself will back out of your page before it even loads. Hope this has helped to get you out there some more. Please feel free to add me also or


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